Full Time Faculty

Sr. No.NameDesignationQualificationSpecialization / Functional Area
1.Dr. M. S. DahiyaDirectorM.Sc., Ph.D.Crime Scene Management, Narcotics, Explosives, Forensic Chemical Sciences
2.Dr. G. Rajesh BabuAssistant ProfessorM.Sc., Ph.D.Anthropology, Fingerprints Sciences, and Forensic Physical Sciences
3.Dr. Rakhi AgarwalAssistant ProfessorM.Sc., Ph.D., P.G. Diploma -NanobiotechnologyForensic Chemistry & Toxicology
4.Dr. Satish KumarAssistant ProfessorM.Sc., Ph.D.Forensic Biotechnology
5.Dr. Bhargav C. PatelAssistant ProfessorM.Sc., PhDForensic Biotechnology
6.Dr. Parag H. RughaniAssistant ProfessorMCA, Ph. D.Digital Forensics
7.Dr. Pooja AhujaAssistant ProfessorM.Sc., Ph.D.Forensic Physical Sciences, Ballistics & Crime Scene Management
8.Dr. Astha PandeyAssistant ProfessorM.Sc.,P.G Diploma - Chemical Analysis & Quality Management, PhD (Fingerprints & Palmprints)Forensic Chemistry, Toxicology, Crime Scene Management, Fingerprints Science
9.Dr. Surbhi MathurAssistant ProfessorM.Sc., Ph.D., PG Certificate in Cyber lawsForensic Physics, Audio Video Examination, & Forensic Document Examination
10.Dr. Pavithran NambiarAssistant ProfessorMA, MPhil, PhDHomeland Security, Police Science, Anti Terrorism
11.Dr. Digvijaysinh RathodAssistant Professor (Jr.)MCA, Ph. D.Digital Forensics
12.Mr. Nilay MistryAssistant ProfessorM.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering, Ph.D. (pursuing)Cyber Security
13.Ms. Vandana PoturajuFaculty MemberM.B.A., M.ComAccounting & Finance, Economics, Human Resource Management