About the Director

Emeritus Prof. C. R. Mukundan, Ph.D., D.M. & S.P., is a pioneer in Neuropsychology in India. He joined GFSU in the year 2013, as the first Emeritus Professor of the University and Director for Institute of Behavioral Science. Earlier, he remained a member of the Academic Council and a Visiting Professor to GFSU, for over three years. He was formerly a Professor and HOD in the Clinical Psychology department at the National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore.

One of his greatest achievements was the development of the technology called ‘Brain Electrical Oscillations Signature (BEOS)’ Profiling. BEOS is a test for eliciting remembrance of experiential knowledge for forensic application. He is the inventor and patent holder of this technique, used widely in forensics today.

He setup the first Clinical Neuropsychology facility in India at NIMHANS, Bangalore during 1975 -79, for testing brain dysfunction in patients with diseases of the brain.

He also set up the first Cognitive Electrophysiological Laboratory at NIMHANS from 1979. He set up facilities for evoked potential and event related potential recordings, and computerized EEG analysis.

He developed the NIMHANS Neuropsychology Battery of tests for testing brain dysfunction. The battery of clinical procedures and tests evaluating and assessing various dysfunctions was validated against CT scan and neurosurgical findings in the late 1980s. Today, the procedure is widely used in different clinical centers in India.

He also started Neuropsychology as specialty subject in M.Phil Clinical Psychology at NIMHANS, which led to Neuropsychology being accepted as a specialty subject in other clinical disciplines of Neurology, Neurosurgery, Psychiatry, and Neurosciences.

An avid electronics buff, he designed and built his own 24 and 32 channelsEEG amplifiers for application with the EEGSYS program in 1993-94.

He also developed ‘Polygraph’ facility at the Neuropsychology Laboratory - NIMHANS for lie-detection testing purposes, as part of collaborative agreement between NIMHANS and Forensic Science Laboratory – Bangalore, in 1997.

In the year 1993, he developed a computerized program called ‘Brain Function Therapy’ for cognitive retraining of patients with Traumatic Brain Injury and other brain lesion patients, and children with learning disability and ADHD.

22 Ph.D(s), 26 M.Phil(s) and several engineering research projects have been supervised by him during the course of his career at NIMHANS.

He has over 78 (national & international) research publications and has authored 2 books, along with contribution of chapters in several books.

He has conducted over 40 invited workshops on Neuroscience for Personal Growth for senior managers of corporate enterprises across India. He has developed several tests for measuring potentiality and cognitive controls on emotions and interpersonal relationships in corporate executives, based on System theory and neuropsychology.

Fellowship and other Positions

  • Recipient of WHO fellowship in Mental Health and Neurosciences in 1983, visited United Kingdom for training in Electrophysiology and Neuropsychology.
  • Honorary member of New York Academy of Science, 1999.
  • Member International Neuropsychology Society 1998 – 2000.
  • Currently President of Neuropsychology Society of India.
  • Has been member of several institutional committees in India.